Dear friends and guests! Unfortunately the transnational more or less strict lockdowns and the recurrent travel bans have hit us hard. The peak season of 2020 has gone ahead without visitors, and now winter is close, and I am still in need of hay for the horses. As I temporarily closed the business due to cancellations just one week before Spain declared the Alarm State, I didn’t get any financial aids. Even before this it hasn’t been easy to feed my retired horses.  Because of this there is now a Charity Shop where you can acquire products from my farm on the basis of donations.

There are herbs from the farm and hand crafted items to choose from, which could make a nice present for yourself or your loved ones. There are no prices on the products, so everybody can donate according to his/her possibilities. I see the products as a „thank you“ for the donation.

This is no medical information and we do not promise any healing results!

decorated Horseshoe

Unique christmas decoration from Bandolera´s shoes. The shoes are heavy and more expensive to send (up tp 10,- € per shoe)

Papa Noël

Hand painted father christmas from pruning my trees. at the moment fig tree or carob tree available, about 15 cm high

decorated horse shoe

Unique piece from Duque´s shoes. The shoes are heavy and more expensive to send (up tp 10,- € per shoe)

decorated horse shoe

Individually decorated horse shoe from my horses. These are Banolera´s hind shoes, and it´s just these 2 shoes in this style. The shoes are heavy and more expensive to send (up tp 10,- € per shoe)

crochet bracelet

Hand made crochet bracelet with a shell from our beaches as closure. Please give your wrist size in cm!

hand knitted socks

warm winter socks for sofa, bed or living, the yarn is 50% wool. These ones in blue-white will be fitting sizes 38 to 40. More colours coming.

Olive Leaf Tea

Surprisingly tasty tea! Traditionally used for: inflammation, infection, skin and hair problems, liver ailments, digestive problems, heart and vascular disease and metabolic defects.

Marrubium – Horehound Tea

Medicinal plant of the year 2018, loosens cough, extends bronchia, helps against flatulence and menstrual pain.


Mainly known as mediterranean herb but also as medicinal plant: for example in tea or as bath additive. Stimulating, against fungi and bacteria.

Lavender Vinegar, 40 ml

Lavender flowers in apple cider vinegar, for example in salad or as clarifying face tonic

Lavender Oil, 40 ml

Lavender flowers in almond oil for external application, the soothing effects of lavender make this the perfect skin care for the night

Lavender sugar

Gives your tea a pinch of summer taste, very tasty!

Dried Lavender Flowers

Lavender is known for its soothing effects. For all who would like to try out one of the above recipes, or directly as tea. Very intensive, use sparingly

Aloe Vera leaf

During summer: freshly harvested Aloe Vera leaves. The cut dries well, so you can use the aloe vera gel fresh. Mixed for example with coconut oil makes great skin care for humans and animals.

herbal mix for coughing

Mediterranean cough tea with eucalyptus leaves, marrubium, rosemary, mallow blossoms and thyme

We calculate an average €5.00 for material, packaging and postage per product within Europe. Anything you contribute above that, benefits our horses. You will receive the bank account details automatically in the confirmation email (sometimes in spam or promotions, unluckily). Thanks a lot on behalf of my horses!